Mary Bauer

Since I (Mary Bauer) have a passion for working with clay, I was delighted to be accepted for membership to Muddy Waters Clay Center in July, 2015. I had worked with clay off and on for many years before becoming a studio member, but now I feel truly fortunate to have generous access to a wonderful facility, allowing me to spend more time practicing my clay skills. I mostly focus on developing hand building skills, using coil technique to create whimsical figurines, but I also continue to practice honing throwing skills and experimenting with slips, underglazes, glazes and glaze layering in both cones 6 and 9 firing.
I am an English teacher at University of North Dakota and thus reading has always been a very important part of my life. And as I create with clay, I often have an idea in mind of what it is I want to make—however, that clay often becomes its own little entity, and sometimes I think it’s unknowingly inspired by some aspect of my life. It can be very satisfying that out of our storied lives often comes a little bit of art. MWCC is a wonderful community of members who are very helpful, encouraging me on my clay journey. I so appreciate this opportunity to share the camaraderie, gain new knowledge, and continue to work with clay.

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Mary Bauer
Date: July 21, 2016


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