Kristi Swartz

Education never stops…learning never stops…
I view my pottery in the same light. I am an active potter and will never stop trying new things and learning from others. I look at a painting and think that maybe a swoosh like that would translate nicely under a shino glaze or I see a cloud formation and wonder if the deep blue glaze I am using can hold the white glaze in the same translucency. I have been working with clay for the last 9 years. Starting off in the Adult Education classes at UND and being one of the founding members of the Muddy Waters Clay Center here in Grand Forks. I have volunteered to help teach the OLLI pottery classes and have learned that in teaching others, I have grown too. I enjoy throwing functional pottery but have also dabbled with hand building. I throw mainly with B-Clay which can be described as throwing with clay that feels like butter. I love firing in the salt kiln but at MWCC we have a gas kiln which fires cone 9 and various electric kilns that fire cone 6. My biggest obstacle is to let the pottery go…I have a hard time selling it…call it separation anxiety…lol.

Escaping to the pottery studio Is welcome on most any day…it gives me a chance to get away from the everyday troubles and create something that will last a lifetime.


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