Don Miller

Much of my work reflects my North Dakota roots and is done primarily on the potter’s wheel.  The finger marks created by the throwing process parallel the changing seasonal field pattern of the bountiful northern plains.  And on the surface, colored clays are used to achieve a wide variety of warmth, striking contrasts and engaging images for the minds-eye.  The brush strokes move between comfortable, familiar imaginary and abstract, almost recognizable forms.

My intention is to mirror the subtleties of North Dakota and it’s people in form and color and surface.  The openness of the thrown utilitarian forms I most enjoy throwing, are an obvious reflection of the landscape that surrounds me.  The forms also reference the strength and personal relationships of my heritage.  I work to produce a form that provides a beautiful and compelling visual journey.

I frequently use a clay thumb print and small raised clay dots or ripples on the surface, to reflect the uniqueness and individuality of each handmade form, and to remind the viewer of the responsiveness of the wet clay as it was being formed.  The once soft clay, now fired durable and hard in the kiln and the subtle, inviting, rhythmic images, are metaphors I use to express life and relationships on the northern plains.


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