Brenda Riskey

Balance. Focus. Pattern. My experiences with clay started at a very young age through UND’s Craft Center. I did not expect it to become as integral to my life as it has. Random and specific patterns become the focus while the reliefs create a tactile relationship with the piece- how it feels when it is held becomes part of the experience. The eyes travel across the noticing the absence of clay in one spot, and the catching of glaze in another. There is a sense of support- carved arches, pillar-like beams- Balance. Outside of the clay realm, I work in the video/photography arena, covering UND Aerospace. During the winter months I also work with Midco Sports running camera for various events. In between I work with various animal rescues, helping foster dogs and doing what I can to rehabilitate and train dogs in need.

Sample of Pieces

2008 - 2017 Muddy Waters Clay Center ®

Phone: 701-775-1168
Mailing Address: PO Box 12317
Location: 2014 13th Ave N